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Welcome to the stillness community dedicated to the lovely Blake Lively the well know star from the tv show Gossip Girl.
~ No animation is allowed. This is a stillness community;
~ Brushes, textures, text, stock images etc. are welcome;
~ Icon(s) submitted must fit LJ standards. This means no bigger than 40kb, in .png, .jpg or .gif format;
~ All the entries must remain anonymous until the end of the voting.
~ If you'd like to use one of the entries as lj userpic, wait for the winners to be announced and ask who's the maker. Be sure to give him/her full credit;
~ Do not ask anybody to vote for you;
~ Anonymous votes won't be accepted;
~ Extra rules and restrictions may be added in the challenge post, so be sure to read the entire post;
~ Have fun :)

Communities which have not been updated for more than two months will be removed.


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